The Living Fossil

The Black Caiman have been one the rainforest’s oldest and most loyal inhabitants for millions of years … and have remained unmoved for loads of years! (and by that I means millions of years.) But suddenly and strangely the Black Caiman have had strange behavioural problem… but before we can tell you that story, we have to tell you this one:

The Black Caiman is known as ‘Melanosuchus Niger” and also boasts the title of ‘The Living Fossil’

The Black Caiman when provoked to mate ( which is very rare ) do their mating process by thrashing their head into the water repeatedly, which is definitely not a made-up torture treatment.

The Black Caiman preparing to mate.

Now we have the boring bit out of our way lets dive into the murky, crocodile-infested waters of… mystery

During the dry season the Black Caiman have been thrashing their heads into the water repeatedly. But now have not been mating, instead have been doing something else. As the dry season nears more fish rush through the waters to get to the cooler waters, this is what they have been doing…

They have been thrashing their heads in the water repeatedly not mating but driving the fish out of their resting place and within seconds it turns into the synchronised and deadly ballet.

But what is going on?