Rainforest 101

As the sun bathes the canopies, the creatures awake from a deep slumber and hiss, growl and chirp. Soon the once quiet place turns into a busy rainforest and comes to live.

Aaron’s Blog-site About The World Present’s To You…

Rain-Forest 101

One of the oldest ecosystems, dating back to 7000000 years ago, comes to life. Dating all the way back to the age of dinosaurs, this lush ecosystem provided to the ancient ones and to us. The giant reptiles might be nothing but skeletons in the ground, but their food source is still well and alive. The rainforest only covering 6% of earth surface, unbelievably homes 60% of earths animals! The rainforest two types: Temperate: this type of rainforest’s located in cooler regions, Tropical, this type of rainforest is nearer to more hot places located between the tropic of cancer and the tropic of Capricorn . As the name implies these ecosystems are the world’s wettest ones. They have at least 33 feet worth of rain or 10m. This helps the rainforest make a better bio verse climate. Also the greenery helps us in ways we never knew:

.It absorbs the suns harmful radiation rays.

And it turns dangerous carbon dioxide and turns it into oxygen 40% of the worlds breathable air.

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