Sardine Run Part 1:

Authors note, I will try to tell it as cinematically as I can.

Each year a amazing natural phenomenon occurs in the coast of south Africa, the largest migration the world has ever seen… The Sardine Run. From May to June, sardines living in the southern coast of South Africa move northwards towards to the cooler North Eastern Cape in shoals which can stretch up to at least 7 kilometres! It is the biggest migration known to man at least a few billion sardines join in the Sardine Run. However, it’s not just smooth sailing for the sardines….

Sardine Run 2:

Now the dangerous part begins: Lots of animals have been waiting nearly a whole year for this, their food would be right in plain sight. Sharks show up not only that but pods* of common dolphins also show up for the frenzy. Now listen closely hero comes the interesting part the plan. The dolphins attack first, herding the sardines, the sardines’ natural instincts come to play and, feeling threatened group together in a bait ball**, which can range from the length of 10 – 20 meters in size. Now the dolphins also getting what they are doing, break through the bait ball. The sharks not attacking until now, jump in right after bait ball has broken up. Why? The dolphins got most of the work done and they get free sardines . Gannets also huge fans of sardines dive-bomb into the water getting a few sardines in its beak. Then, the whales also decide to join in***. The sardines now practically helpless swim to the shallower parts of the coast. But the shark, dolphin and whale still follow them into the water****. The sardines now almost giving up decide to break up into smaller targets. But the gannets have one last gamble up their sleeves. The gannets dive into the coast from considerable heights to reach their prey*****. The gannets finally win, they follow every single sardine to their destination: The North Eastern Coast.

Sardine Run: The End

The few that manage to stay alive after the gruesome battle that follows get to their destination.

*Pods are groups of dolphin

**Bait Balls are when fishes swarm together in the form of ball to resist getting picked as prey.

*** Whales can eat at least a 2000 sardines in a gulp.

**** The gannet isn’t in the list because it can swim in the ocean or sea for thousands of miles but not that deep.

*****Why does this happen? Because of pressure

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