River Ganga

Ganga is a holy river with many great myths and epics circling it and has had made the lives of Indians much better. But what is the scientific and geographical information about this holy river? Let’s find out.

Ganga is a trans-boundary-river which flow through India and Bangladesh. It is 2704 km (1680 mi) long and originates from the Gangotri Glacier (which is located in Himalayas ) in the state of Uttarakhand  and flows south and east before eventually ending in the Gangetic Plain, emptying into the Bay Of Bengal. Ganga helps millions who live on it’s side (such as Allahabad,Dhaka,Baharampur,Bikrampur,Kampilay,Kara,Karhi,Kolkata, Murshibad, Munger, Patna. Waste is flowing into Ganga from it’s neighbouring town : Varanshi.

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