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So let start with the fact that this blog has been with me for at least 2 years but I haven’t used since December 18th 2018 , so here goes.

My name is Aaron. I’m age 8, Class 3S . I like writing stories, reading them and acting

Today is Monday 13th July 2020. I have started writing a blog just experimenting today, though maybe tomorrow I will get the hang of this.

Yesterday, my dad gave me an interesting question : ‘Would You Like To Grow Old?’

Are children smarter than adults?My answer to that question is: Adults are wiser than children however children have more opportunities in life giving them a chance to be smarter than adult’s ( when they are adults )

Q.2: What thing do children do better than adults?

Children have more creativity since they have more time than adults( because have go to their jobs) Secondly, children are more willing to go outside and play, unless of course they aren’t and have a digital devices. Thirdly, children have talents which can help adults because they growing up in, what would be ‘tomorrow’ for the adults. Fourthly, children are more laughable than adults so that’s yet another reason I don’t want grow old.

Q.3: What Are Adults Better At Which Kids Can’t Do? My answer to that is adult’s themselves are faster, stronger and smarter, why? Because there are older than children they have experienced more and have once been children.

Q.4 Would I Like To Grow Old?

I will finally end with the answer I set out to answer: Would I Like To Grow Old? From all the answers I found and told, turns out I actually (drumroll)

# TheBigReveal

Turns out I don’t want to grow old. Younger people are more comedic more creative and more active.

This is my conclusion to this post of my blog by answering the question that was asked ‘Would I Like To Grow 0

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